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ViewCompanion Standard and Pro Updates

Note: The latest version will always include all previous fixes and improvements

Newer updates are available here.

Version What's New Date Download
3.39 Registered bug fixes:
#323: Compare didn't work in version 3.38.
#322: Using /cm command line parameter caused a crash.
Other Fixes:
SVG (Scalable Vector Format) was not available in the Batch conversion dialog..
07.October.2005 Standard
3.38 Registered bug fixes:
#320: Problem with rotated text in files from customer.
#317: Raster images were displayed using wrong color.
#316: Raster images were not shown in files from customer.
#315: Problems with display of raster text.

New Features (Standard and Pro):
New command line parameter /ne will disable the file explorer.
New Features (Pro only):
Added support for viewing of JPEG files using CMYK colors.

3.37 Registered bug fixes:
#314: Print direct to printers with long names didn't work.
#313: Transparent raster images caused colors to be too dark in PDF.
          A new option can now be used to disable transparency in
          converted files. The new option can be found here:
#312: Problem with polygons in file from customer.
11.June.2005 Standard
3.36 Registered bug fixes:
#310: Overlaid raster files weren't transparent in version 3.34.
#309: Raster conversion generated black images if the "Anti-Aliase"           feature was enabled.
#307: Files from customer caused ViewCompanion to crash.
#305: PDF Conversion error related to raster images.
New Features (Standard and Pro):
New option to increase line widths during conversion to raster formats. This option can be found under Tools->Options->Conversion.
16.May.2005 Standard
3.34 Registered bug fixes:
#304: Command line PDF conversion using init file crashed VC.
#303: Raster was displayed incorrectly in file from customer.
#302: Fixed problems related to transparent raster images.
#300: AutoCAD inverts white areas in exported DXF files to black areas. This may cause problems. A new option was added to tell VC not to export white areas (polygons). The option is named "Don't export white areas" and can be found under Tools->options->formats.
6.Apr.2005 Standard
3.30 New Features (Standard and Pro):
  • Added support for password protected DWF files.
  • Added support for password protected (encrypted) PDF files.
  • New Save As format : Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).
Registered bug fixes:
#298: Markup ellipse drawing problem solved.
#297: Mouse wheel pan problem solved.
#296: Distorted text in file from customer.
#295: Incorrect mouse coordinates in some files.
#292: Rectangle shading was not correct.
#291: New DXF exporter. Fixed DXF problems wtih AutoCAD.
#290: Files with "MG" commands was not detected as HPGL.
#289: Improved PCL support.
9.Mar.2005 Standard
3.22 Registered bug fixes:
#288: File from customer caused ViewCompanion to crash.
#286: Incorrect placement of RTL raster images.
#284: File from customer printed with black rectangles over text if monochrome was enabled.
#283: Problems with saving large CALS files to other raster formats.
1.Feb.2005 Standard
3.21 Registered bug fixes:
#282: Text size was not correct.

Unregistered bug fixes:
DWF conversion Line Merge problem solved. If you have AutoDesk DWF Viewer 5.0, or newer, Line Merge will now be displayed correctly.

20.Jan.2005 Standard
3.20 Registered bug fixes:
#281: Query did find only one entity in file from customer.
#280: Merge was not displayed correctly in file from customer.
#279: Files with raster images had low quality when printed on large format printer (Transparent Raster Images issue).
#277: Files created by a Canon printer driver was not supported.
#275: Changes in text handling and position.
#274: Some polygons with hatch fill were displayed using solid fill.
#273: Single instance command line parameter didn't work.
#272: Added support for transparent images when exporting to PDF vector format.

Unregistered bug fixes:
Merge mode is now also used when creating vector PDF files.
Print with ini files to a network printer didn't work in 3.10.
Batch conversion of many files (500+) sometimes caused ViewCompanion to fail due to memory leak.
Rectangular areas with pattern fill were displayed using solid fill.

New Features (Standard and Pro):
Print to file is implemented.

New Features (Pro only):
Overlay files are now included when exporting to other file formats.
Markups can now be exported to RML format (this format can be used with AutoCAD RMLIN command).
Raster file formats (TIFF,CALS) can now be used as overlay.

10.Jan.2005 Standard
3.10 Registered bug fixes:
#271: Bad quality when printing files with transparent raster images.
#270: Raster objects missing when exporting to PDF format.
#269: Opening file caused a crash in ViewCompanion.
#268: File was not displayed correctly.
#266: Header was not printed if only one header line was specified.
#265: File displayed incorrectly. Black areas that should be transparent.
1.Nov.2004 Standard
3.06 New Feature:
Added METRIC control setting to conversion init file.
Registered bug fixes:
#264: Files created with TDS400 driver was not detected as HPGL/2..
#263: File from customer displayed incorrectly.
19.Sep.2004 Standard
3.05 New Features (Standard and Pro):
Now creates DWF files using version 6 format. Multi-page HPGL files will be converted to multi-sheet DWF files.
Fixed a line join problem in DWF files that have thick lines.
14.Sep.2004 Standard
3.03 Registered bug fixes:
#262: Implemented support for filled polygons with raster pattern (RF).
#261: Files from customer with raster objects crashed.
#260: Problem with LB (text) command fixed.

New Features (Standard and Pro):
New option : "Fixed Space Font", selects a fixed space font as default font, instead of the proportional font. This option can be found on the HPGL options page.

New Features (Pro only):
If a markup entity is selected with left mouse button, and the shift button is pressed, the entity will be copied instead of moved.
A markup entity can now be copied to clipboard and pasted as a new markup entity (Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V).
Compare sessions can now be terminated by clicking the compare icon on the toolbar. The compared file will be unloaded, and only the original file stays visible.

06.Sep.2004 Standard
3.01 Registered bug fixes:
#259: When old comments file was read, the markup color button on the toolbar was disabled.

Unregistered fixes:
Text rotation was always reset to zero after opening and closing the Text properties dialog.

New Feature:
A new option has been added to the conversion settings page:
Use Paper Size from file if available
By enabling this option the original paper size (if available) will be used during conversion instead of the calculated drawing extents. This means that original margins (white border) will be maintained.

18.Aug.2004 Standard
3.00 New major release.

10.Aug.2004 Standard