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ViewCompanion Standard and Pro Updates

Note: The latest version will always include all previous fixes and improvements

Version 3 updates are available here.

VersionWhat's NewDownload
2.74 Registered bug fixes:
#254: Text with white background not handled correctly.

Unregistered fixes:
ViewCompanion sometimes generated invalid CALS files.

2.73 Registered bug fixes:
#253: Sometimes hatched areas was missing lines or lines was drawn outside area.
#251: Stray lines in clipped polygons.
#250: Hatched circle was drawn using solid color.
#244: Raster not loaded error.

Unregistered fixes:
Using 'Save As' and clicking on the 'My Documents' shortcut caused filename to be lost.
PDF Raster format didn't use the resolution setting.
PDF Raster and TIFF export did create incorrect result if file was rotated.

Unregistered fixes for Pro only:
Markup text was not rotated correctly during export.
Markup ellipses were not in correct position after export.
Delete markup layer didn't work at all.

New Features:
Added /cm command line parameter for creating multipage PDF/TIFF using file mask (e.g. *.plt).
HPGL files can now be exported using encoded polygons (compression). New option.
TIFF files can now also be created using Intel style. New option.
Optionally creates a log file. New command line parameters added.

2.72 Registered bug fixes:
#243: Export of a multipage HPGL to a multipage PDF did not work correctly if the pages had different size.
#242: Print displayed portion did print lines outside the displayed area.
#241: Conversion from multiple CALS files to multi page PDF didn't work.

New Features:
HPGL text (Labels) are now exported to DXF as MTEXT entities.
New parameter &F for use in header description. Will print full file name.
New export format: HP-RTL.

2.71 Registered bug fixes:
#237: It was impossible to create more than 100 markup entities pr. session.
#236: Raster text was not correctly positioned in some HPGL files.

Unregistered bug fixes:
Converting two raster files to a multipage PDF file, cause ViewCompanion to crash.
Line join in PDF files was not correct.
Markup arrows in exported PDF files were not placed correctly.

New Features:
New markup entity: Text with arrow.
When adding markup text to a rotated HPGL file, the text will always be placed unrotated (readable).

2.70 Registered bug fixes:
#230: Polygon buffer overflow.
#231: 2 Bit raster images was not supported.

New Features:
New AutocAD R12 Compatibility setting for DXF export. Supports more CAD applications.
Pen visibilty control settings can now be saved to file. These files can also be used in batch functions.
New setting to allow pen tables to also affect text. Found under Tools->Options->HPGL.

2.69 Registered bug fixes:
#229: Files using symbol mode was not shown correctly.
#228: Text problems solved.
#227: Fixed problems with files that contained a huge amount of raster images.
#225: PDF export created rectangles with invalid width.

New Features:
HPGL settings are now found in a separate page in the Options dialog.
Can now read and view multipage TIFF files.

2.68 Registered bug fixes:
#217: Incorrect placement of raster characters.
#218: Some files with RTL data shown with blue background.
#219: Incorrect placement of raster data.
#221: Filled circles not drawn.
#223: Wrong colors for polygons filled using shading (FT10).
#224: Raster data with wrong orientation.

Unregistered bug fixes:
Postscript exporter didn't include linestyles.

New Feature:
Anti-aliase feature now also works on color images.
HPGL/2 exporter now also includes raster data.

2.67 Registered bug fixes:
#216: Shaded areas was always grey.

Unregistered bug fix:
Text placement problems solved.

New Features:
New printer init file entries: PAPERSIZE and ORIENTATION.

2.66 Registered bug fixes:
#207: Creating multiple TIFF files from a multipage HPGL file caused ViewCompanion to crash.

Unregistered bug fix:
The Landscape/portrait setting in the Printer setup dialog didn't affect the number of poster sheets in the Page Setup dialog.


Unregistered bug fix:
For some HPGL/2 files the text was shown garbled.

New Features:
ViewCompanion Pro can now load TIFF, CALS, JPEG, PNG and BMP files.


Registered bug fixes:
#214: Creating multiple TIFF files from a multipage HPGL file caused ViewCompanion to crash.
#213: Problem with lines connecting independent polygons.


Improved support for German code page.
ViewCompanion created corrupt CALS files under certain conditions.
The raster was shown in incorrect rotation on some RTL files.

New features:
ViewCompanion can now read HPGL files that are stored inside ZIP archives.
If multiple files are stored in the ZIP file, all files will be opened.
Watermark settings added.
Added load next/previous file buttons.


Other Fixes:
Minor bug fixes to avoid application crash when reading certain types of PCL files.

New features:
ViewCompanion can now create new multi-page files from separate HPGL files.
This feature can be controlled by a new option in the Batch Convert dialog.
Markup: Selected text elements can now be rotated by pressing the R keyboard key.


Registered bug fixes:
#206: Line merge problem.
#203: Markup width and color was not always set correctly.
#202: Files not recognized as HPGL files.

Other Fixes:
Now accepts real numbers for seting print scaling (in Page Setup).

New features:
Number of horizontal and vertical pages for poster printing can now be limited.
Markup: Linestyle can now be selected.
Network drives can now be toggled on/off from Explorer bar context menu.


Registered bug fixes:
#201: Raster images in some files caused ViewCompanion to crash.
#200: Linestyles was not correct when exporting to tiff (raster). Now works correctly when running NT4.0, Windows 2000 or XP.
#198: Missing text in exported HPGL files.

Other Fixes:
User size (conversion setup) was not correct if Metric units was used.
Setting Folder and Header to an empty string in Plotter Configuration file will now disable these.

New features:
New command line parameter: /t - load a pentable from command line.

New command line parameter: /s - causes ViewCompanion to activate already running instance. If a filename is given, the file will be loaded in the already running instance.

ViewCompanion can now convert using wildcards from command line, e.g.: /c PDF c:\test\*.plt d:\pdf - Will convert all files with extension .PLT in the c:\test\ folder, convert them to PDF format, and out to d:\pdf folder.


Registered bug fixes:
#197: Monochrome settings (print and display) didn't affect markups.

Other Fixes:
Copy to clipboard sometimes failed.
Didn't set correct line width for exported HPGL files.

New features:
Added setting of print offsets in Page Setup dialog.
Now remembers last folder used in batch printing or conversion.


Registered bug fixes:
#195: Some HPGL files not shown correctly. Improved support for FR command.
#194: Certain hpgl files was not detected correctly, and could not be loaded.
#192: Colors was not correct when exporting to color raster image.
#191: Raster images were not shown.

Other Fixes:
RTL raster images were sometimes loaded twice.
Pro: It is now easier to select horizontal or vertical markup lines.

New features:
Drive labels are now shown in the File Explorer.
Pro: Markup entity properties dialog will now be shown if a markup element is double clicked.
Pro: New toolbar button for adding existing markup files to the current file.


Registered bug fixes:
#190: Incorrect filltypes for polygons.
#188: Incorrect text rotation. This version has a much better text handling.
#187: Wrong values shown in pentable in Metric modus.
#186: Mirrored raster problem.

Other Fixes:
Transparent markups was not show on black background.

New features:
New accelerator, Ctrl-T, now opens the Pentable dialog with the latest queried pen active.


DWF Export now uses correct line styles.
Pen table no longer affects text (label) entities.

New features:
New option, Create Multiple Files, makes it possible to convert a multipage HPGL file to multiple (e.g.: TIFF) files.
Each page will be a separate file.
Project files can now be used in Batch dialogs (Conversion and Print).
Files can now be deleted from a Project by using the right click menu.

2.52 Registered bug fixes:
#185: When going from full screen mode back to normal mode, all toolbars was shown (even if they where off).
#184: Conversion of rotated multipage hpgl file to multipage tiff file didn't work. Fixed
#183: Raster images were not shown correctly. Fixed.
#182: Raster font problems fixed.

Other fixes:
The perimeter value given by the measure area function was not correct.
Pro Version only: In the insert image dialog box no preview of the image files was shown on Windows 95/98/ME.

New features:
A new export format, PDF Raster, is added. Some HPGL/2 files are using a feature called MERGE. The standard PDF export format will not give correct result for such files. By using the new PDF Raster format, PDF files will now be created correctly.