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ViewCompanion Pro Adds Markup Capabilities

Users can now markup HPGL-2 plotter files

For immediate release: September 25, 2001

Oslo, Norway - Software Companions, a company focused on developing powerful document viewing and conversion software, again brings great new features and functionality to the CAD/CAM marketplace, with the release of ViewCompanion Pro.

This latest release adds markup functionality that enables the user to markup a HPGL-2 file with lines, polygons, ellipses, rectangles, arrows, text and images. Markups can be created in up to 256 different layers. All markups are stored in a separate file and the original HPGL-2 files are not modified. The markups can be included when the HPGL-2 file is printed or converted to one of the supported export formats (e.g. DXF, PDF, TIFF etc).

ViewCompanion Pro has other improvements like:

  • Mirror or flip the loaded file.
  • A built-in explorer window for fast browsing and selection of files.
  • New feature which let user collect files into projects. These projects can be saved and restored.
  • Polygonal area measurement.
  • New customizable GUI.
  • Anti-aliasing of monochrome raster objects.

About Software Companions:
Founded in 1997, Software Companions develops view and conversion software for the CAD/CAM market. The main product is ViewCompanion, which includes advanced printing, viewing, markup and conversion of HPGL-2 files. Other Software Companions products are GerbView and ActiveX Controls.
For more information on Software Companions, send e-mail to, or visit the company's web site at

Take a look at the ViewCompanion home page to get more information about this product.

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