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ViewCompanion 2.0 Adds Greater Conversion Capabilities

Users can now convert HPGL-2 files to AutoDesk DXF, TIFF Raster and CGM formats

For immediate release: December 12, 2000

Oslo, Norway - Software Companions, a company focused on developing powerful document viewing and conversion software, brings even greater features and functionality to the CAD/CAM marketplace, with the release of ViewCompanion 2.0.

This latest release adds three new file formats to ViewCompanion's list of supported conversion formats. Users can now convert all HPGL-2 files to AutoDesk DXF, which can easily be read by all major CAD applications. The support of the PDF and DWF format enables users to seamless publish files to the Web. In this new version the converted file can be scaled either to fit a specific paper format, or the scaling can be fully controlled by the user. ViewCompanion now also supports conversion to raster, with the introduction of the TIFF file format.

ViewCompanion 2.0 have improvements like:

  • Individual Pen control. Lets You control the visibility of each pen.
  • Reference Window for easy navigation.
  • Detail Window which works like a magnifier.
  • Entity query capability. Get information about a specific entity, eg. a line.
  • Measure functions which let You measure distances and areas.
  • User coordinate system.
  • With these three new formats, ViewCompanion now supports conversion to the following formats: Adobe Postscript, Adobe PDF, Gerber RS274-X, AutoDesk DXF, AutoDesk DWF, WMF, EMF, CGM and TIFF.

Other enhancements to ViewCompanion 2.0 include a new feature for loading files directly from Internet/Intranet using an URL address. Batch conversion has also been improved with new pen table support. Added are also a function for sending the loaded HPGL-2 file directly (unchanged) to a plotter/printer.

About Software Companions:
Founded in 1997, Software Companions develops view and conversion software for the CAD/CAM market. The main product is ViewCompanion, which includes advanced printing,viewing and conversion of HPGL-2 files. Other Software Companions products are GerbView and ActiveX Controls. For more information on Software Companions, send e-mail to, or visit the company's web site at

Take a look at the ViewCompanion home page to get more information about this product.

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