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ViewCompanion v2.x Updates

The Following Updates Are Available

  • Version 2.24
    Bugfix 182: Raster character problems fixed.
    Bugfix 181: Mirrored monochrome raster. Fixed.
    Bugfix 179: Files not recgonized. Fixed.
    Bugfix 178: All pages read as one page. Fixed,
    Bugfix 176: Misplaced lines after page change.

  • Version 2.22
    Bugfix 173: PCL Reset command was not treated as page advance. Fixed.
    Bugfix : Memory leaks when exporting to CALS format fixed.
    Bugfix : HPGL export: Didn't set correct color when changing pen.
    Bugfix : For some file types no default extension was added during batch convert.

  • Version 2.21
    Bugfix 171: Now treates NR command as page advance.
    Bugfix 172: File not shown correctly, still some minor issues.
    Bugfix : 24-bit TIFF images was not read by some image viewers (like Kodak).
    Bugfix : Improved support for HPGL-2 files containg PCL/RTL commands.
    New: Now shows dialog box for selecting printer and setting number of copies for direct print.
    New: Added support German codepage.
    New: Added print direct option to Batch print dialog.

  • Version 2.2
    Bugfix 170: Monochrome raster variant not shown.
    Bugfix: DXF files created with Batch processor didn't have layers.
    New: Now supports Raster fonts.
    New: Now supports clipping(HPGL IW instruction ).
    New: Added number of copies to Batch print dialog.
    Other minor issued fixed (panning, Eps boundingbox, Pentable dialog).

  • Version 2.12
    Bugfix 169: The program sometimes crashed when converting HPGL files to raster when running under Windows NT.

  • Version 2.11
    New: Option for creating multipage files added. VC can now create a multipage PDF, TIFF or HPGL file if a multipage HPGL-2 file is loaded.
    This option is called "Create Multi-Page Files", and can be found under the Conversion Settings in the Options dialog.
    New: Added export of CALS format files.
    Bugfix 168: Raster using mixed compression methods not displayed correctly.
    Bugfix 166: Added support for HPGL merge command.

  • Version 2.1
    New: Added print direct toolbar icon.
    New: Added rotate clockwise toolbar icon.
    Bugfix: Didn't use correct line style when pen table was used.
    Bugfix: VC didn't start maximized even if it was maximized in last session.
    Bugfix 164: Problem with encoded polygons fixed.
    Also some other minor hpgl issues fixed.

  • Version 2.0C
    New: Adds support for Portable Network Graphics format (PNG).
    New: Adds support for JPEG format.
    New: Adds support for Paintbrush PCX format.
    New: Adds support for Windows Bitmap format.
    New: Command line parameter /ci added which makes use of configuration file.
    Bugfix 163: Some files was black only when converted to PDF.