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ViewCompanion Express

This product neither updated or supported anymore, but you can upgrade to
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ViewCompanion Pro

  • Add batch conversion
  • Add support TIFF, DWF, CGM, JPEG, PNG and more formats
  • Add markup
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ViewCompanion Premium

  • Add markup
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Revision history

Version What's New
7.00 Major release.
New Features:
1New modern ribbon based GUI. The classic menu based GUI can still be used.
2Save comparison result to file feature added.
3New Page Extractor feature which makes it easy to split a multi-page document into several single page files.
4Added color override to overlays.
5Added option to set offset for file comparison.
6Added support for loading of CGM (computer graphics metafile) format.

Bug Fixes:

544File from customer had connecting lines between polygon areas.
544Files from customer caused ViewCompanion to crash.
541Raster image in plotter file displayed with wrong rotation.
539Exported PDF files now pass PDF/A validator without errors and warnings.
538Fixed problem with slow redraw speed in print preview.
-Fixed many issues related to HP RTL compression method 10 images.
-Linestyles does now apply for line elements if high quality is enabled.
-File Save As now only shows valid export formats (e.g. dxf not listed for raster files).

Released: 16.May.2012

6.60 Minor update.
Bug fixes:
535File from customer had no pen widths defined, which gave faint lines when printing and converting. We've added an option to define a default pen width to use if the file doesn't contain these settings. This new can be found under Tools->Option->Formats->HPGL.
533RTL files from customer failed to load.
532Clipping errors caused invalid display of hatches in print preview and when printed.
534RTL loading problem (files failed to load and convert).

Released: 12.December.2011

6.55 Minor update.
Bug fixes:
531Batch conversion with "use orignal folder" did sometimes overwrite original files.
530It was not possible to disable PDF/A support in 6.51.
528Adding files to a batch list did fail if more than 300-400 files where selected in the file open dialog.

Released: 20.October.2011

6.51 Minor update.
New Feature:

1 The PDF/A-2b standard is now supported for PDF files created by ViewCompanion. This PDF standard, also known as ISO 19005-2, is used for long-term preservation of electronic documents. More information is available here.

Released: 12.September.2011

6.50 Feature update.
New Features:

1ViewCompanion is now using Unicode. Unicode enables ViewCompanion to support virtually every written language in the World; including Chinese (traditional/simplified), Korean, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic and much more.
2Rotation selection has been added to Batch Conversion dialog. You can now select rotation to use for all converted files in the batch.
3A new option named Use Original Folder was added to Batch Convert dialog. When enabled all converted files will be placed in the same folder as the source file (with a new extension).
4 A new option named Export MText Entities was added to Tools->Options-Advanced. When enabled all HPGL text commands (LB) will be converted to MTEXT entities during DXF conversion.

Bug fixes:

527Converting 32-bit TIFF images to PDF failed (empty files).
526Removing the last file from a Project caused ViewCompanion to crash.
524Some customers had problems with slow redraws when viewing HPGL files. We've changed the way ViewCompanion works with the graphic adapter. A new option has been added to control whether new or old drawing method should be used. The new option is called Optimized Redraws and can be found under Tools->Options->Advanced.
522French characters not displayed correctly in file from customer.
423Missing information in file from customer, and some of the content incorrectly covered by white areas.
-Copy drawing to clipboard didn't include whole drawing if it was rotated.
-SVG exporter updated - converted files will now open in IE 9.0 and FireFox 6.0.
-PDF Raster exporter updated - files can now be optional encrypted.
-and many more minor fixes and improvements...

Released: 1.September.2011

6.20 Minor update.
Bug fixes:
521If the user cancels overwrite of an existing file in the File Save dialog, the "save button" disappears.
520 Printing to certain plotters/printers sometimes generates run-time errors that causes ViewCompanion to close. This problem is caused by a bitmap that ViewCompanion uses during printing. To fix this problem we will need to limit the size of this image, and a new option has been added to control this: "Maximum memory usage for Raster Image Processor". You will find this new option under "Tools->Options->Advanced Settings". If you encounter this error try to set this value to e.g.: 512 (default is 0 = no limit).
519 PDF conversion: Conversion to 4-bits raster creates blank image.
515 PDF conversion: Monochrome images is being exported as black and white only, even if they is using other colors.
481 Tiff conversion: Converting plt file from customer to TIF creates a file where the image data is covered by white areas.

Released: 20.July.2011

6.10 Minor update.
Bug fixes:
  • Bug 511 - Swedish characters not shown correctly.
  • Bug 505 - Custom linestyles was not applied correctly when converting to raster formats.
  • Bug 504 - Incorrect text sizes in file from customer.
  • Bug 503 - All text was shown as black rectangles in file from customer.
  • Bug 499 - Conversion to Cals using 200 dpi failed for some files.
  • Bug 498 - Files from customer shown only as filled black area.
New Features:
  • Thumbnails are now automatically generated when converting to DWF Format.

Released: 10.February.2011

6.00 Major release.
Registered bug fixes:
  • Bug 495 - Increase Line Width setting didn't work for some HPGL files.
  • Bug 491 - UC (userdefined character) instruction was not supported.
  • Bug 487 - ViewCompanion failed to create a PDF correctly from HPGL files that are longer/wider than 5 metres.
  • Bug 485 - Wrong font linewidth.
  • Bug 483 - Entering zoom level into the zoom text box, didn't change zoom level.
  • Bug 479 - File with full transparent image that should only be partial transparent.
  • Bug 308 - Incorrect size for some special characters (lb instruction).
New Features:
  • ViewCompanion is now fully compatible with Windows Windows 7.
  • New goto-page dialog.
  • Measure report export to CSV format.
  • Drawing scale dialog modified, user can now add and remove scales.
  • Added send as ZIP function (markup file included if Pro/Premium).
  • New improved GUI including new statusbar with easier selection of page and drawing scales.
  • Added more application look options.
  • More informative messages for conversion errors.

Released : 21.June.2010