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ViewCompanion Standard 10 Released
Added Markup, new features, and one new export format

OSLO, Norway, November 7, 2015 - ViewCompanion Standard version 10 is now shipping. Markup has been added to the Standard edition and you may now add markups, also know as annotations, to your files. Other news in this update includes support for PDF layers, PDF text search, password protected PDF files and support for the new WebP file format.

This update is free if you purchased a license, or renewed the software maintenance, less than 12-months ago.

What's new in 10?

  • You may now add markup and annotations to your files with the ViewCompanion Standard edition.
  • Added support for writing the new Google WebP image file format.
  • Added support for PDF layers.
  • Added support for PDF text search.
  • Added snap to drawing geometry while measuring PDF files.
  • Added support for viewing password protected PDF files.
  • Added line point editing to lines, polylines, polygons, paths and areas.
  • Several user interface changes related to markup. While editing a markup element an editing tab will be activated to make it easy to modify all available properties. Markup elements are organized in separate categories, like shapes, lines, measurement and so on.
  • Added an item counter tool.
  • Added measurement path element that allows you to measure along a polyline.
  • Added markup lock function to avoid further changes to a specific element.
  • New markup file naming convention available, you may now use filename.ext.vcm instead of the default filename.vcm.
  • Added a toolbar to the markup list and added more columns.
  • Added a new measurement area Summary dialog where you may summarize all measurements, or a selection of these, and export to Excel (CSV).
    Measurement Summary Dialog Measurement summary report imported into Excel

    The new measurement summary dialog is displayed to the left, and to the right the exported CSV is displayed in Excel.

  • Several other improvements and changes.
  • Several bug fixes.
  • This update is certified for Windows 10.

ViewCompanion Pro Viewer

Windows 10 Certified

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About ViewCompanion
ViewCompanion is a powerful application for viewing, printing and converting files of multiple formats. The formats supported by ViewCompanion include PLT, Adobe PDF, Autodesk DWF, CGM, HPGL/2, HP-RTL, Calcomp, TIFF, CALS and more.

ViewCompanion is available as three different editions: ViewCompanion Standard, Pro and Premium. The Pro and Premium editions adds support for reading raster formats. The Premium edition adds extra tools both for raster and PDF processing.

About Software Companions
Software Companions is fully focused on developing powerful products for viewing, printing and conversion of file formats that are commonly used in the CAD/CAM market. They also develop and sell components that are used in applications developed by other companies.

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