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scViewerX Version 6.10

scViewerX Version 6.10


  • New continuous page view mode
  • Higher accuracy for measurements
  • Higher precision for conversions
  • Use LibreOffice for Office format viewing
  • Split multi-page TIFF files
  • Support for additional file formats
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ScViewerX Version 6.10
Version 6.10 is another update that improves quality, increases perfomance and provides more functionality.
Below is a list of the most important changes in this update:

  • A rewritten core using double precision coordinates improves prcecision for conversions, including PDF to DXF.
  • Higher accuracy for all measurements.
  • You may now open Office documents in the control using LibreOffice 5 or newer, if it's installed.
    LibreOffice is a completely free Office suite. Read more about LibreOffice online.
  • Added support for viewing multi-page PDF, Office and TIFF files in continuous page mode.
  • Added support for reading and writing TIFF files using JPEG compression method.
  • Added support for reading and writing TIFF files using Deflate, also known as ZIP, compression method.
  • Added support for text extraction from PDF and other file formats.
  • Added method for splitting a multi-page TIFF files into individual TIFF files.
  • Added support for reading JPEG 2000 format.
  • Added support for reading GIF format.
  • Fixes many reported software errors.

A complete list of changes can be found here:

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