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June 21, 2010
New ViewCompanion Release

ViewCompanion Pro, Premium and Standard version 6.0 has been released!
New features are added to this version in addition to many bug fixes.

Please note that some of the new features are only available in the Pro and Premium editions.
The main new features and improvements in this version is:

  • ViewCompanion is now fully compatible with Windows 7.
  • New goto-page dialog.
  • Measure report can now be exported to CSV format.
  • Drawing scale dialog modified, user can now add and remove scales.
  • Added send as ZIP function (markup file included if Pro/Premium).
  • New improved GUI including new statusbar with easier selection of page and drawing scales.
  • Added more application look options.
  • More informative messages for conversion errors.
  • Bug 308 - Incorrect size for some special characters (lb instruction).
  • Bug 479 - File with full transparent image that should only be partial transparent.
  • Bug 483 - Entering zoom level into the zoom text box, didn't change zoom level.
  • Bug 485 - Wrong font linewidth.
  • Bug 486 - conversion of multipage PDF to multiple PDF files (page splitting) didn't always work.
  • Bug 487 - ViewCompanion failed to create a PDF correctly from HPGL files that are longer/wider than 5 metres.
  • Bug 491 - UC (userdefined character) instruction was not supported.
  • Bug 495 - Increase Line Width setting didn't work for some HPGL files.
Pro and Premium Specific News (Markup related):
  • Markup Symbol Libraries added.
  • Updated raster format readers that fixes several bugs.
  • Its now possible to modify arrow markup element.
  • New setting to allow perimeter to be shown for area measurement markup element.
  • Added GIF format.
  • Added SFF format (structured fax format).
  • Markup list report export to CSV format.
  • New function for deleting markup element directly from markup list.
  • Logged-on user is now shown in statusbar as active markup user (not computer owner).
  • Implemented support for arabic/hebrew codepage for markup text (including right to left reading).
  • Bug 482 - Markup XML tags not recognised.
  • Bug 490 - Some markup elements drawn in incorrect position on Vista/7 if high-quality drawing was enabled (GDI+).
Premium Specific News:
  • Added support for PDF version 1.5 and newer.
  • Hot Folder Printing support. ViewCompanion can monitor one user selected folder and automatically print all files copied to this folder.
Download and install ViewCompanion Standard, Pro or Premium now.

March 3, 2010
GerbView 6.19 has been released.
This is an maintenance update.
More information about this update is available here.

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