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GerbView 4 Revision History

For newer history see following link :
Gerbivew Updates
  • Version 4.3
    Released 11/21/2000
    Bugfix 121: Added support for Regular Polygon aperture shapes.
    Bugfix 121: Now saves whole file to raster when saving 100% using original size.
    In previous versions pads sometimes was clipped in the exported raster file.
    Bugfix 119: Some pads was drawn with round aperture even if the current aperture was square.
    Bugfix 117: Trouble with some files using incremental format fixed.
    Fix: Now longer uses the AcomImg.dll. All problems with this component are therefore fixed.
    The AcomImg.dll often caused errors during installation, especially on Windows NT/2000.
    HPGL Fix: Shading now implemented (HPGL FT command).
    HPGL Fix: Many minor issues.
    New: Added support for PDF (raster only) format.

  • Version 4.27
    Released 06/18/2000
    Bugfix 116: Gerber files with embedded apertures defined in mm not handled correctly.
    Bugfix: Arcs not always correct in some Gerber files.
    New: Added info icon on toolbar.
    New: Added function for panning around while pressing the left mouse button.

  • Version 4.26
    Released 04/26/2000
    Bugfix 100: Some Gerber files could not be loaded.
    Bugfix 115: Text in Workspace settings always said "inch".
    Bugfix: Program sometimes crashed when running on NT 4.0.
    Bugfix: Minor HPGL fixes.

  • Version 4.23
    Released 02/05/2000
    Bugfix: Some types of macro apertures failed.
    Bugfix: Several minor hpgl bugfixes.
    Bugfix: A few Gerber files was not recognized by the program.

  • Version 4.21
    Released 10/15/1999
    HPGL bugfix : A bug in the display module caused some lines to disappear on some files.

  • Version 4.2 Build 162
    Released 10/11/1999
    Added support for VeriBest aperture map format.
    HPGL bugfix : Misplaced text.
    HPGL optimize: Faster redraw and printing. Also smaller spooling files.

  • Version 4.2 Build 160
    Released 9/23/1999
    Black excellon files on black background didn't show anything. Fixed.
    More problems with arcs fixed (eg. arcs couldn't be part of a filled area).
    Minor HPGL fixes.
    OVAL styled pads was not supported properly.

  • Version 4.2 Build 155
    Released 9/04/1999
    Some arcs was shown incorrectly.
    Query of arcs didn't work.
    Incremental Excellon files was not shown correctly.
    Spelling issues.
    RS274X macro apertures was shown wrong or not shown at all.

  • Version 4.2 Build 150
    Released 8/7/1999
    Fixed problem with opening files from Explorer containing spaces.
    HPGL bug fixes and optimizing.
    Now uses coordinate precision also for measuring.
    Now longer uses Rebar control. Not dependent of IE4.x anymore.
    If gerber file was drawn with black color and the background color
    was black, nothing was shown. Fixed.

  • Version 4.2 Build 148
    Released 7/18/1999
    Fixed more problems with detection of some Gerber files.
    Added work grid, useful when files are moved/placed within Workspace.
    New "other" page in Tools->Setup for setup of work grid.
    It also now possible to associate Gerbview with different extensions,
    You can select which extensions to use from the Tool->Option->Other page.
    "Print Centered" option was not working properly in all cases, fixed.
    Filled areas in RS274-X was not working, fixed.

  • Version 4.2 Build 145
    Released 7/01/1999
    Fixed problem with detection of some Gerber files.
    Several minor HPGL bug fixes.
    Added PNG file format. PNG files can now be part of workspace, and
    it is possible to save to PNG format.
    Fixed problem with opening of Gerber and Hpgl files directly from Explorer.
    To use this feature you have use the "Open With..." dialog box
    and associate eg. PLT to Gerbview.
    New option "Always Resize Workspace if loaded File have bigger extents".

  • Version 4.2 Build 142
    Released 6/01/1999
    Added Save As Raster feature. Makes it possible to save any loaded file or the
    whole workspace as a raster file.
    New AComImg fixes problem with some JPEG files.
    From this version samples files is also included.

  • Version 4.2 Build 139
    Released 5/26/1999
    If a linked file is not found in the directory it was last loaded from, the
    program will now try to find it in the same directory as the Workspace file.
    If a file with extents larger than the workspace is loaded, the program
    will ask if the workspace should be resized.
    Print scaling implemented, useful if you want to print a large workspace (eg A0)
    on a printer with smaller paper size (eg A4).
    Minor GUI changes.

  • Version 4.1 Build 134
    Released 4/8/1999
    Bug fix: Registered version did show "Evaluation Message Box" when loading files.

  • Version 4.1 Build 133
    Released 4/7/1999
    Will now expire 30 days after installation.

  • Version 4.1 Build 130
    Released 4/6/1999
    HPGL Bug fixes.
    New expiry date June 1. 1999.

  • Version 4.1 Build 127
    Released 2/24/1999
    Minor Bug fixes.

  • Version 4.1 Build 126
    Released 2/23/1999
    Added floating information window (query).
    Added Polygon support for HPGL/2 files.
    Minor Bug fixes.
    New expiry date April 1. 1999.

  • Version 4.0 Build 125
    Released 1/11/1999
    Fixed more problems with some RS274X files. Minor bug fixes.
    New expiry date Mars 1. 1999.

  • Version 4.0 Build 123
    Released 1/5/1999
    Fixed problems with some RS274X files. Minor bug fixes.
    Added Aperture usage report.

  • Version 4.0 Build 121
    Released 12/31/1998
    Added mirror option to Gerber files. Added "recently added files" button to
    Toolbar. Further improvements on HPGL/2 loading, less memory required to load files.
    Added query of HPGL/2 files. You can now query for information about lines,arc,circles etc..

  • Version 4.0 Build 120
    Released 12/19/1998
    Added Aperture highlight. Move file now works.
    Faster loading of HPGL/2 files.

  • Version 4.0 Build 119
    Released 12/13/1998
    Added JPEG and HPGL/2 file formats. Several bug fixes.

  • Version 4.0 Build 118
    Released 12/5/1998
    Drag and drop now works correctly. Minor bug fixes.

  • Version 4.0 Build 117
    Released 11/29/1998
    Support for BMP files added.