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GerbView 5 Updates

Note: The latest version will always include all previous fixes and improvements

The latest updates are available here.

VersionWhat's NewDownload
5.46 Improved DXF exporter. Now creates DXF files with filled pads and thick tracks. Download
5.45 Registered bug fixes:
156 : Missing raster problems in HPGL file from customer.
152 : Save to Raster PDF could create invalid PDF files.
150 : Rectangular pads was not converted correctly to PDF.
149 : Slow grid drawing when zoomed in.
5.41 New Feature:
Added support for export to multi layer PDF files!
If you add multiple Gerber files to the workspace and then convert to PDF, each file will have it's own layer in the PDF file.
Acrobat Reader 6.0 and newer can toggle the visibility of these layers.
5.40 Registered Bug Fixes:
148 : Thermal shapes from Pads aperture (.rep) files was not read correctly.
147 : Gerber files from customer were not displayed.

Other problems:
- Improved memory handling. Now loads big Gerber files much faster.

New Features:
- Middle mouse now acts like AutoCAD (Zoom/Pan). Can be disabled.
- Multiple Gerber files can now be exported to the same file. If the destination file is DXF or DWF format, each Gerber file will have it's own layer.

not available
5.39 Registered Bug Fixes:
146 : DXF files created by Gerbview sometimes caused errors in AutoCAD.

Other Issues:
-Metric coordinates setting was not used when measuring distances.

5.37 Registered Bug Fixes:
144: File was not displayed at all due to unsupported macro aperture definition.
142: A crash occurred if the user queried an object and then closed the file.
141: Macro apertures using entity type 4 was not supported.
Other issues:
Aperture files with extension .GAP are now automatically loaded if present. This feature can be turned off with option found under Tools->Options->Gerber.
not available
5.34 Registered Bug Fixes:
140: Gerber file had wrong extent when added to a workspace.
not available
5.33 Registered Bug Fixes:
139: Arcs where not exported correctly to PDF, DXF and DWF formats.
not available

Fixed problem with the /p command line parameter. Sometimes this command caused an application error.


Registered Bug Fixes:
138: Layer polarity problem related to filled areas fixed.

not available

Registered Bug Fixes:
137: Arcs where drawn incorrect when a gerber file was mirrored.

Other issues:
Added support for line end point and flash center during measurements (new toolbar buttons).
Original file offsets are now used when exporting to RS274X format (if keep original offset settings is enabled).
User selectable GUI looks in Customize dialog.

not available

Registered Bug Fixes:
134: Problem with alignment of loaded Gerber files.

Other issues:
New option named "Print One Layer Per Page" in the Page Setup dialog. If you enable this option each loaded file (layer) will be printed on a separate page.


Registered Bug Fixes:
133: Gerber flashes were not exported as flashes to RS-274X format.
132: When converting a Gerber file to DXF, the arcs where inverted.
Unregistered bug fixes:
Didn't handle files with 6 succeeding zeros.

Other issues:
Updated and improved HPGL import.


Registered Bug Fixes:
130: PADS (.rep) aperture files in mm was not supported.
129: Filled areas not filled correctly.
128: Bug in aperture macro handling fixed.

Unregistered bug fixes:
Double click on an associated file in the Explorer didn't add file to Gerbview workspace.

Other issues:
Now uses latest HPGL parser.
Export function will now show a list of loaded files, so that the user can select which file to export.


Bug Fixes:
Save To Raster created empty files when PDF format was selected.
Save To Raster created images with wrong colors when 16 colors was selected.


Registered bug fixes:
#127: Thermal pads was drawn incorrect.

Other Fixes:
Problems with certain aperture files (.rep) fixed.

New features:
Poster mode. By using this feature you can printing big format drawings on e.g. multiple A4 pages.