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GerbView 4 Updates

  • Version 4.46
    Bugfix 124: Arc / circle problem fixed.

  • Version 4.45
    Fixes a problem with aperture file reading introduced in 4.43.

  • Version 4.43
    Fixes the following problems:
    1. Bugfix 123: Added support for PADS aperture format.
    2. Bugfix: When apertures was saved from the aperture settings property page, not all values was stored correctly.
    3. HPGL Fix: Missing lines and circles.

  • Version 4.4
    Fixes the following problems:
    1. Bugfix 122: Arcs not shown correctly.
    2. Fix: True color PNG's was not loaded.
    3. HPGL Fix: Now handles software clipping correctly.
    4. HPGL Fix: Many minor issues.

  • Version 4.3
    Fixes the following problems:
    1. Bugfix 121: Added support for Regular Polygon aperture shapes.
    2. Bugfix 121: Now saves whole file to raster when saving 100% using original size.
      In previous versions pads sometimes become clipped.
    3. Bugfix 117: Trouble with some files using incremental format fixed.
    4. Bugfix 119: Some pads was drawn with round aperture even if the current aperture was square.
    5. Fix: Now longer uses the AcomImg.dll. All problems with this component are therefore fixed.
      The AcomImg.DLL often caused errors during installation, especially on Windows NT/2000.
    6. HPGL Fix: Shading now implemented (HPGL FT command).
    7. HPGL Fix: Many minor issues.
    8. New: Added support for PDF (raster only) format.